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MeshCentral supports SSL using self generated certs, your own certs or Letsencrypt

Enabling letsencrypt

Make sure you match and/or adjust all the following settings appropriately in your config.json file:

    "settings": {
        "cert": ""
    "domains": {
        "letsencrypt": {
        "__comment__": "Requires NodeJS 8.x or better, Go to first before trying Let's Encrypt.",
        "email": "",
        "names": ",",
        "skipChallengeVerification": false,
        "production": true

If you need further clarification to know what each of these settings are, check out the config schema.

Then restart meshcentral and it will get a cert for you, the process will need to restart to apply the cert.

Useful resources/troubleshooting

To check letsencrypt is working properly please use We are using the HTTP-O1 challenge method with these instructions.

Also make sure you have port 80 open and pointing to your meshcentral server, IT WILL NOT WORK if port 80 isn't open and it HAS to be port 80.

You can read more about Letsencrypt and meshcentral here.